Charmy’s Army in "Nothing But Trouble"

I apologize for not posting strips in a while. I have been working so hard on the business end of my dream. Every evening I have been writing email after email as I pitch my strip to newspapers across the US. The hard work is NOT paying off though. After only two week I landed my first paper and I believed the future was mine for the taking! Sixty five papers contacted and nearly thirty rejections later, I am feeling whooped!

The worse part is that I have been neglecting my online readers while I tried turning my dream into a business. I will be hitting this hard for three more weeks as I prep for my first Comic Con appearance, but after that is completed, I am going to resume my schedule for my readers. 

I have discovered one thing. Small, weekly papers do not run strips and if they do, they all use local cartoonists only. If you are not a local, you have no chance. The paper that picked me up is distributed in a town an hour away from my house. To them, I am a local.

I refuse to be discouraged. If I never get any more papers than the one I am in, I will still be freaking happy. I may not make a living doing what I love, but I am in print… which is my dream. Not everyone gets to see their comic strip in a newspaper. I count myself Blessed.

Enjoy today’s strip and share on social media.

– Davy
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