The Walking Dead Parody – with an ALL ANT cast… and one Monkey



The Walk ANT Dead

I believe I have nailed this mashup! Charmy as Rick Grimes makes for the perfect Rick Grimes! Just check out that scowl. Is that not the perfect mashup? And what about the eerie, rough sketch look to the walkers in the background? I have never been more proud of something I created. For me, that is a bold statement because I am never completely satisfied with my work. I am wired to push myself to be better than anyone…. even myself. To be honest, I am still no where near as good as any of the cartoonists syndicated today, but I feel that I am biting at their heels.
So, what should I do with these mashups? Hmmm… I think I am going to do an online comic book! Yes!!!!! This will be crazy fun. Of course, it will have to be free because I cannot make money on this without a license agreement. I cannot afford that. Heck, I can barely afford my pens and bristol board as it is. That is all about the change though. I have some big plans in the works. If any one of these opportunities pays off, I may be hitting my comic strip full time before the end of the year.
Imagine getting your dose of Charmy’s Army SIX days per week. Heck, maybe even SEVEN days per week!!!
So, what about this parody of The Walking Dead? Who will be in this parody?
Well, so far we have Weaver smashed up with Daryl Dixon. Weaver is known in my comic strip as being the straight man for Charmy’s antics. With that in mind, he makes the perfect Daryl! Just look at that stare, That is vintage Dixon. Sarge’s mashup with Abraham was not much of a stretch but the results are still very cool.
Frenchy as Michonne is my personal favorite. This characterization will be such a different approach for the fan favorite. I am still working out how Frenchy will approach this role. I promise though that she will remain one of the main characters in this epic parody.
Flimp will portray Carl Grimes. I already have a HUGE plan for him. He will not be a major player, but his role will be vital in my parody.
So, will the parody follow the comic book and the TV show? Oh heck no. This will be my little fantasy tale running way out in left field. It will be Charmy’s nightmare after binge watching the previous season on TV while eating a super sized pizza known as the Oh-Pocalipse.
Stay “toon”ed for more details!!!!
– Davy


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