Cartooning with the Great Bill Hinds


What a great day! I got to cartoon along side of the great Bill Hinds…. albeit only for a few minutes before the sky opened up and drowned us. This was my first opportunity to impress one of the greats in this industry I so passionately want to pursue… and mother nature broke up our pairing as soon as the fun began.

I did get to spend about an hour talking with Bill. He was so extremely cordial. I was humbled just to be in his presence yet I felt like I was on his level of genius. I was not of course, but he made me feel as though I was as successful as he was.

Bill’s legacy is so impressive. He known for the comic strip Cleats and Tank McNamara. His art is so awe inspiring. His passion for this industry shows as he discussed his upcoming book and other side projects. I was eager to hear everything he has to say. But alas, the wind and rain picked up and flooded what would have been a Blessed opportunity.


Check out the rain in the pictures! Crazy!!! We each completed one drawing. I did not get to see Bill’s drawing. All I know is that my drawing was terrible! The paper was soaked… my line work bled all over the place… and I was soaked. All of our drawing paper soaked up the rain like a sponge so our day ended the moment it began.

The great news is that I can now say I cartooned along side of one of the greats! What a blast.



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