Davy’s Oni Con Galveston Appearance


We are two weeks away from my last appearance of 2016! Come out to Oni Con in Galveston, Texas on October 28 – 30, 2016 and meet Davy Jones, creator of the comic strip Charmy’s Army. Davy;s smash hit comic strip, Charmy’s Army, is now in print. If you are in Brazoria County, you may have seen his comic strip in The Weekly Bulletin. The newspaper includes five comic strips and is distributed free at local businesses and restaurants in eleven cities!

At Oni Con, you can purchase original art including the comic strips used in The Weekly Bulletin. Davy’s comic strips are produced the old fashioned way just like all the classic comic strips that Davy grew up reading. Davy hand letters his comic strips like the masters before him. Once a comic strip is created, it is art suitable for framing. Just think if you had one of Charles M. Schultz’s original comic strips. You could probably buy a ranch after selling that original comic strip on eBay!

wolverines-no-1-001-final-websiteI will also have Sketch Covers for sale. I also have a ton of blank covers available for commissions. If you are going to Oni Con this year, pick one of my blank sketch covers and contact me with your order. I love doing commissioned parodies of my comic strip’s characters. These sketch covers will be very valuable once I get my comic strip syndicated… which will hopefully be soon once I get my comic strip in front of GoComics again next month.

All sketch overs include the actual comic book. Sketch covers are variant covers produced by the title’s publisher. These alternate covers help the publisher sell more comic books… and it gives the publisher a way to get a cut from artists selling their characters’ likenesses in artists alley.

If you plan on attending Oni Con, be sure and check into my event page. I will have all sorts of announcements coming up. I will publish these announcements and special offers on my event page. The only way to take advantage of my specials will be through this event page. It’s easy…

  1. Just follow this link to jump onto my event page.
  2. Click the option that says “GOING”


I really hope to see you at Oni Con. If not, be sure and watch for my 2017 appearances. I hope to do more shows outside of the Houston area. Things are moving quickly for me and my comic strip. This years was awesome…. and 2017 will be even more amazing for me and my comic strip!

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