INKtober – Day 22 – Charmy as Charlie Chaplin

inktober-day-22-charmy-as-charlie-chaplin-webINKtober DAY 22!!!!

Every day in October, I will post a new Charmy’s Army #SketchCard mash-up!!!!!

Today’s INKtober Sketch Card suggestion comes from Adrian Guedin… aka Gator. In case you have not heard me mention Gator before, he is one of the two “kids” that infected me with this cartooning bug. Gator and Carl Werner… aka Bees… brought me into their cartooning troupe to help develop their comic strip, The Munchskins. I still believe that strip could be something huge.

So… today’s suggestion is Charmy as Charlie Chaplin. Half of my audience just ran to Wikipedia or Youtube to see who this guy is. Let me save you a few minutes. Charlie Chaplin was a genius of the silent screen. He also did quite a few talkies that were amazing. Half of my audience is now Googling the term “talkies” and “Silent Screen”.

Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd were the two biggest comedians in the 1920’s and 30’s. Both are two of my role models. I actually believe Harold Lloyd was the better comedian of the two. Nearly all of my readers now are scratching their heads and hitting Youtube to look up the name “Harold Lloyd”….. Believe me. He was PURE genius.

I would love to hear your comments!


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