INKtober – Day 25 – Frenchy as Janis Joplin

inktober-day-25-frenchy-as-janis-joplin-webINKtober is winding down… Here is DAY 25!!!!

Every day in October, I will post a new Charmy’s Army #SketchCard mash-up!!!!!

Today’s suggestion comes from Ron Delano. I really did not think I could pull this off. Here Frenchy as Janis Joplin! She did a great job. I hear Janis belting out “Me and Bobby McGee”!

Gonna do an entire series of Rockers who died too young. I will do Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Bolin, Keith Moon, Mam Cass and Jim Morrison for starters. That is seven. I need two more for a set of nine. Hmmm…… Maybe Bon Scott? He is a bit removed from the genre of the others. I would love to hear your suggestions.


#comics #sketchcard


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