INKtober – DAY 27 – Weaver as The Scarecrow

inktober-day-27-the-scarecrow-webINKtober DAY 27!!!!!!!!!!

Every day in October, I will post a new Charmy’s Army #SketchCard mash-up!!!!!


WOW! Weaver makes a GREAT Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz!!! I actually had a super cool idea for an animated movie based on this classic tale. I love my idea so much that I plan on working up a rough draft after the first of the year.

The basic storyline revolves around another wicked witch who has captured the great and once powerful Wizard of Oz. The witch has put a hex on all the Wizard’s spells… The Scarecrow has lost his mind…. The Tin Man has Broken his Heart again and the brave and noble Lion has reverted back to being a huge coward.

This is going to be an epic journey to rescue the Wizard of Oz and  get their mojo back!

I would love to hear your feedback!

#comics #sketchcard


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