2017 Goals for my Comic Strip


2016 was an AMAZING year!

March of 2016 marked the print debut of my comic strip Charmy’s Army in The Weekly Bulletin. This achievement is pretty huge. This publication covers nearly all of Brazoria County in Texas. The newspaper is a free weekly paper distributed in ELEVEN cities. The circulation is massive, so enormous that I actually meet readers at my comic con appearances! I always have at least 5 or 6 people run up to my artist’s alley table to exuberantly inform me that they have been reading me in The Weekly Bulletin. They know my characters by heart too. It is so amazing!

I had my first break even year! I had zero profit… I know, that sounds terrible. Well, last year I lost about 700 bucks doing these shows, so breaking even is AWESOME! I sold a total of 22 sketch covers at my show appearances. Last year at this time, I had set a goal to sell 5 sketch covers in 2016. I blew that goal away. These sales covered all of my show costs.

My big fear for next year is the fact Houston lost two comic cons. This means I will only be doing ONE show in Houston. In May, I will appear in Artist’s Alley at Comicpalooza. Both Space City Comic Con and Amazing Houston Comic Con have pulled out of Houston. Both of these shows were huge successes for me. The loss of both shows will hurt.

I am going to attempt two road shows next year. This means that not only do I have to pay back my table fee, but I will have travel and hotel costs to pay off. Since I barely make table at my shows, I am bracing myself for another bad year.

I have several goals set for 2017. A few of my goals are gonna be tough, so they may not be realistic, but I need these goals. If you do not set your sight for success, why have a dream in the first place?

1. THREE MORE NEWSPAPERS – This will be so hard. I have been contacting newspapers like crazy for a year now with no success at all… well except for The Weekly Bulletin. I had ONE success. Adding three more papers will be a crazy goal, but I feel it will happen. I am going to set it up a notch and reach this goal by the end of the year.

2. BREAK-EVEN SHOW APPEARANCES – I want to have a break-even year again. This will be another hard nut to crack with the loss of two big shows here in Houston. I will only do three shows next year and two will be expensive road shows. I have a few cool ideas that may help Comicpalooza be a very profitable show, thus helping if my road shows do not fair well. I wish I could make this goal to reflect a profitable year… but I will be just as happy if I break even again this year.

3. SELL 23 SKETCH COVERS – This year, I sold 22 covers at my show appearances and I sold 1 cover online. I want to match that success next year. If I still had three shows on Houston, I would have tried to break my record, but as it stands I will be happy if I match 2016’s number. With 3 shows, this means I need to sell 7 at each show and sell 2 online. That should be a great goal, but it will be a tough goal. To do this, I will have to prepare a huge inventory of pre-drawn sketch covers. The more options for sale I have, the better chance I have to sell covers at my shows.

4. WORK A CHARITY EVENT WITH ANOTHER LEGEND – I had the honor of working with Bill Hinds at a fun run… which rained out 5 minutes into the event. I do not care how brief it was, I sat next to a legend and drew a picture that was probably destroyed in the rain. The experience was amazing. I was so humbled… which was so good for me. I realized how far away I was from ever being syndicated. Bill is one of my heroes. Meeting him grounded me and made me work harder. Since our meeting, I have not stopped working on Charmy’s Army. I am working smarter and harder now. Next year I hope to work with another legend… or with Bill again.

5. GET SYNDICATED – I am bound and determined to finally get picked up by a syndicate. I have submitted my strip time and time again. Each time, I have never heard back from any of the syndicates. Sad but true, there are thousands of people submitting strips each MONTH. The chances of getting seen are pretty weak. I doubt my comic strip’s submissions ever get seen. All I want is for a syndicate to pick me up, even if it is just for their digital platform. I just need a chance and I will show them how popular Charmy;s Army will be with a little promotion. Sadly, if I do not get picked up soon, this dream will forever remain a little hobby. This goal is another impossible reach, but this is one that I have to achieve if my dream is to continue into the future.

I wish to thank ALL of my readers. You mean so much to me. Without your comments, likes and shares on social media, I would have nothing to show for my efforts. You all provide me with the will to continue creating and doing the one thing I love… making people laugh and cementing a legacy for the ANTS who don’t wear PANTS!

– Davy Jones


4 thoughts on “2017 Goals for my Comic Strip

    • That is why I set these goals. I do not want to set the bar too crazy high. These are still going to be hard to reach. I am having so much fun right now that if next year at this time I am still right were I am currently, I will still be very happy. Not everyone can say they have a successful comic strip running in a paper.
      Plus, I have great supporters like you Ron! You guys make me proud of my work. Without you all I would have given up a few years ago. I do this not only for my enjoyment, but for all of you guys. I hope I put a smile on everyone’s faces with each strip.

      – Davy


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