RIP Carrie Fisher

2001-princess-leia-color-large-facebook16 just stinks. To start the year losing Glen Fry and David Bowie was a bad sign. Not many people know this but for the past 4 months Paul McCartney has been living in a special orb made by a group of NASA scientists. I know one of them. I live a few miles from the complex. They are all huge Beatles fans. They tried making one for Ringo but the cost of this special Reaper repelling orb was too high. They could only make one.

I have been reading everyone’s touching stories revolving around Carrie at the many meet and greets she attended. I can in no way come close to matching the compassion expressed in these posts. I never met her. All I know is that she touched so many people in such a multitude of positive ways. We have lost a true icon, a legend… we have lost our princess.

Here is the best way I can express my thanks to the great Carrie Fisher. A soon as I got home from work I drew up this quick drawing of Frenchy as Princess Leia. This is how I want to remember Princess Leia… Not in a slave outfit. No. I want to remember the Princess we were introduced to in the very first movie. Leia was tough, brave and freaking hot. This pose says all of that and more.

– Davy


4 thoughts on “RIP Carrie Fisher

    • I loved doing this. I drew it up the day she passed. As soon as I arrived home from work, I knocked this out and posted that evening. The news was so hard to take in. Frenchy’s emotionless gaze says it all. I was stunned.


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