Charmy Invades North Carolina!


WOO HOO! Charmy has landed another newspaper!

Beginning next year, Charmy’s Army will be running in the Aberdeen Times in North Carolina! Catch my army ants in the Aberdeen Times’ print edition and online weekly. The circulation is estimated to be over 400,000 readers so I am extremely excited. And to think this was all a mistake that I even contacted this paper. I thought I was in Idaho.

So, here is the story. I decided to begin contacting 8 papers each week. I began this new resolution last Sunday. I want to stay organized so I created a spreadsheet and decided to work my way through one state at a time. I chose to start with Idaho. Why did I pick Idaho? I don’t know.

So the first paper on my list was this paper… the Aberdeen Times. I did not see any email addresses on their website so I looked up their Facebook page. Well that is where the mistake occurred. The Facebook page I found was for a different Aberdeen Times in North Carolina… and they responded they were interested. They reviewed my website and fell in love with my comic strip, Charmy’s Army. Up until the last phone call I had with the editor, I thought I was dealing with a paper in Idaho. I caught on just before that final call.

Sometimes mistakes are a GOOD thing! I have never been so happy to screw up in my life!

This is just the beginning. I have a goal of three more newspapers running Charmy’s Army in 2017. I already have one new paper. This goal will be achieved! Buckle up for an awesome ride.

– Davy


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