Charmy’s Army – The Comic Strip


Okay so a little backstory on this strip!

This is inspired by the dark Peanuts strips with hidden meanings that I grew up on as a kid. When I wrote this, I wanted to make a statement on how I truly felt rolling into the new year. I had just wrote my blog post proclaiming my modest goals for 2017. As modest as they were, my gut was telling me I had no chance at any of the goals.

This strip expresses my previous outlook on 2017. I am going to work harder than ever, yet I know I am just gonna land on my face. Well, that was a few weeks ago. My outlook is completely different now!

After creating this strip, opportunities have come knocking on my door. I had two big commissions in December. I have two more already in January. Most importantly, I secured another weekly newspaper who will run Charmy’s Army in their newspaper. This publication reaches 400,000 people!

I have three show appearances booked as well. I am spreading my wings. I always do shows here in Houston exclusively. Well, two of the three big shows pulled out of Houston. The tiny shows I do are not profitable and end up being a waste of my time. So I will only make ONE appearance in Houston when I appear at Comicpalooza on Mother’s Day Weekend.

I will expand my show and try out two new cities. The first appearance on my road show will be San Antonio. I love San Antonio. Here I will appear at Alamo City Comic Con. This is a massive show where I am told by so many that I need to grab a table and promote my strip at this mega show. It will be expensive so I need to build a lot of inventory of my pre-drawn sketch covers. I need to sell 10 of them to break even. I think if I can get about 40 covers prepped, I will succeed.

My last show will be in Belton, Texas which is about an hour outside of Austin.Gonna cover some ground. This show will be awesome. I splurged and invested in an endcap. I want to see if the placement helps sell merchandise. I always see the guys on the ends of the rows doing so freaking well. I think placement is key. I will soon see.

Happy new year everyone. I truly believe I am not gonna fall on my face this year. We are going to have a HUGE year!



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