Charmy’s Army Weekly Comic Strip


First off, I wish to apologize to all of Howard Jones’ fans. Betty McGee, Terrance Ward and Joe Harris… I am so sorry for having fun at Howard’s expense. Now that I have apologized to all of his fans, let’s move onto business.

I want to thank everyone for all the support over the past seven or eight years…. How long have I been creating comic strips for Charmy? I cannot believe how bright the future is looking. I am quickly approaching my one year anniversary in print. One year ago last March, Charmy debuted in The Weekly Bulletin of Brazoria County, covering 11 cities. Of course, a few years ago Charmy ran in two papers for about a year before both newspapers went out of business. Back then, I gave my strips away for free. Today, this is a business… and I mean business.

Thank you all for your support. I would not be where I am with you guys.

– Davy


2 thoughts on “Charmy’s Army Weekly Comic Strip

    • Hello Ian! I am working on one actually. It will be called “Basic Training”. I have been doing this strip for seven years now… Yep SEVEN!!!

      I would stop for six months or so here and there to regroup, make major changes and relaunch. In all, I have plenty of strips for a book. The earlier strips are so bad… but they are part of my journey.

      I want to share my learning experience with everyone. The title “Basic Training” refers to two things…

      1. It refers to the troop doing their basic training exercises.

      2. It refers to me and my training as a cartoonist.

      This will not only be a treasury collection, but it will also be a documentary on my long journey and my strong desire and devotion to becoming a good cartoonist.

      I hope to have the book ready for a Kickstarter campaign by mid-summer.

      Thanks for your interest and kindness!

      – Davy


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