Charmy’s Army Weekly Comic Strip


I cannot begin to express how amazed I have been with the success Charmy’s Army has seen in just the first three weeks of January. If this pace keeps up, this year will be simply amazing.

SKETCH COVER COMMISSIONS – I have received 4 sketch cover commissions in the first three weeks. If I can hold to 4 commissions per month for the year, I will I will double my sales total from last year. Holding to 4 per month will be impossible of course, but you never know. If I can average two per month, I will equal last year’s sales. That would be awesome because once I add in whatever sells at my shows, I will be ahead for the year. To order a commission, just pop over HERE to begin your order.

PATREON PLEDGES DOUBLED – In the month of January, my monthly pledges DOUBLED!!!! Of course, I was only getting $9 per month from my supporters so I was not getting rich, but that $9 helped pay for art materials. Now I am at $20 per month! That will help me buy a table at a show every year. Now THAT is awesome! Couple that with my newspaper income and I can now have TWO TABLES paid off at every show. The next goal is to have four tables and lodging paid off. To support my comic strip, check out my PATREON SUPPORT PAGE HERE. The more money you support me with, the more rewards you receive.

NEWSPAPER LAUNCH – I picked up another newspaper this month! That means I have DOUBLED my run. Sad, right? NO WAY!!!! I am now in TWO PAPERS and soon I will be in HUNDREDS!!!! Watch for me to start running in North Carolina in the Aberdeen Times in February.

This year is going to be a thrill ride. It’ll have it’s UP and DOWNS. There are always a lot of DOWNS… but what is a roller coaster without a few gut busting drops? All in all, by year’s end this comic strip will have grown and blossomed into the most mesmerizing comic strip on the market.

And you ALL can say that YOU WERE THERE to witness this!!!!

– Davy





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