Charmy’s Army Weekly Comic Strip


Here is this week’s strip. High Voltage and Sparky the Nuclear Boy are super heroes I created 30 years ago. It was a fun concepts that went nowhere. High Voltage was a super hero from the 1940’s who had these incredible abilities which he later used to aid in the war effort. It was a short lived mission. High Voltage was captured by the Germans and imprisoned inside a thermal chamber which suspended our hero in a state of animation. He was not discovered until generations later and brought back to a life where all he knew and loved were gone…. and comedy ensues.

See…. It was terrible.

Army ants are much better. ONwards and upwards.

– Davy


2 thoughts on “Charmy’s Army Weekly Comic Strip

  1. Nope. That is a re-occurring character. He is always “the guy behind the counter” at every place Charmy goes.

    I will need to draw up the superhero characters. There are three…

    High Voltage – The main character
    Adam Atom – His first sidekick from the 40’s
    Sparky the Nuclear Boy – His new sidekick



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