Charmy’s Army – Weekly Comic Strip


I am getting so excited about Comicpalooza and Alamo City Comic Con. I just inked up 8 new sketch covers this weekend. I inked up a few more last weekend. I am a third of the way where I want to be in May. I have so much work still left to do. I am a little nervous about making it, but it is what it is.

My goals?

30 new sketch covers… that will make a total of 37. If I have time, I may squeeze out 3 more for an even 40.

72 new sketch cards… Yep, that is insane.  All of last year’s left over cards will go into special grab bags I will have available for purchase.

8 necklaces. Not sure if these will sell, but I want something new.

And if I have time, I have a few other cool ideas… but I bet I run out of time so I am not going to reveal them.

Hope to see everyone at Comicpalooza, Alamo City Comic Con or Bell County Comic Con.

– Davy Jones



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