March Sketch Cover Marathon

Every day in March I will post one of my sketch covers!

Check this out!!!
darth-vader-annual-no-1-001-04-final-webHere is a sketch cover I did as a commission last year and it is still my favorite sketch cover I have ever created. The request was for Frenchy as Harley Quinn as Princess Leia and Charmy as Darth Vader. I suggested adding Flimp the Chimp as Yoda and then I threw in Jabba the Hut.

I would love to create a color print of this one day, but when I do a commission for someone, I like that piece to be theirs and theirs alone. I am working on a printed collection of my covers, but I am not sure if I can produce it due to copyright issues. I am working on those issues as we speak.

Want a commission? Go to my website and click on the BUY ART link. I will provide a free estimate and a free digital sketch. Once the design is approved and my Paypal is funded, I will begin inking!

Stay TOON’ed for more sketch covers all month long!!!!



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