Sketch Cover Art – Day 2

Every day in March, I will spotlight some of the art I have created for my fans over the past few years. I will even throw in a few that are up for sale.

03-wonder-woman-no-36-001-final-website Here is a commission I did for one of my favorite readers. Here is Frenchy as Wonder Woman. She does a fantastic job of channeling Gal Gadot! Not sure if it just her expression, or if is her stance but Frenchy totally transforms herself!

DC Comics does a great job with their bristle board most of the time. This cover was awesome. They did a Supergirl blank cover last year that was not even bristle board. It felt like cheap copy paper.

This cover was commissioned prior to the release of Batman V Superman. I thought the movie would help push the sales for more Batman commissions. I loved the movie… unfortunately it was frowned upon by way too many people. I made a print of another cover I created. The cover took three shows before it sold. I have yet to sell a single print.

Still love that movie though.

Stay TOON’ed for more sketch cover art!


3 thoughts on “Sketch Cover Art – Day 2

    • You are SO welcome CJ!!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for the work. There is something so special about creating these sketch covers for people… especially friends like you!!!!!

      – Davy


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