Sketch Cover Art – Day 4


03-star-wars-c-3po-no-1-final-facebookHere is a cover I worked up for my last show, Oni Con Galveston. I was so excited to do a show in Galveston and I had sold nearly all of my sketch covers by the end of my previous show, Amazing Houston Comic Con. I worked up a dozen new sketch covers thinking I would sell six or seven.

I sold two and donated one to their auction. I did not even make back HALF of my table cost. I took a huge hit on my hotel and other expenses. Huge loss. The other vendors did just as bad, if not worse. The attendees were not making any purchases.

This was an anime con. This show was my first attempt at doing an anime con. It is probably going to be my last. The audience is just not a good fit for me and my art.

This cover is amazing. Frenchy makes one sexy C-3PO! I am betting this won’t last through Comicpalooza. If it does, it’ll be gone before Alamo City is finished.

I will be posting a sketch cover every day in March. Stay TOON’ed for more. Subscribe by email to my blog and get all of my posts delivered to your email’s inbox!

– Davy


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