Sketch Cover Art – Day 5


03-the-mighty-thor-no-1-002-final-website Here is one of my early commissions. This cover went through a few transformations. The idea was to recreate the classic Jack Kirby cover from Journey Into Mystery issue number 83 in the style of my comic strip.

Initially, the thought was to feature Frenchy as Thor. I had the cover penciled and ready to ink but at the last second the person funding his commission decided Charmy would be a better choice. I so agree! I always do my pencil sketches on a separate sheet of paper so I started over and redrew the scene using Charmy. It came out AMAZING!

So, what about the first sketch? I am going to ink it up in a few weeks and have it ready for purchase at Comicpalooza.

If you want a commission, contact Davy at and Davy will get back to you within two business days.


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