Sketch Cover Art – Day 6

Charmy and Frenchy as Black Panther and Falcon

03-civil-war-ii-no-1-001-final-website Here is another commission I created for one of my readers last year. This tones came out perfectly. I love it when what is in my head comes through on paper.

You have to remember, talent alone is not what makes for the perfect execution, as shown here with this sketch cover. The magic can only surface when the paper is good, the markers don’t run or dry up on you and when there is nothing printed on the back side of the cover. I use a light table and draw my concepts on a separate sheet of paper. When there is something printed on the back, I cannot see the sketch through the cover stock. Marvel and DC is great about not printing on the back of the cover. The other publishers are terrible.

What would you like to see Davy draw next? Comment below and help inspire some art!


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