Sketch Cover Art – Day 7

Frenchy as Iron Man and Charmy as Captain America

civil-war-ii-no-1-001-websiteHere is a commission from the same show as the sketch from yesterday. The big difference is the quality of the art. Why is this not as good as yesterday’s. Well, this was done in about two hours from start to finish and yesterday’s took me 6 hours. Both cost the same. One cover was commissioned weeks before the show. The other was commissioned AT the show and was picked up later at the show.

For my best work, I ask people request the commission a month ahead of time. If a commission is requested at the show, you can pay $10 extra dollars and have an amazing piece of art shipped to you within two – three weeks. If you want it the same day, or the next day at the show, you are going to get something worked up quickly and with one shot at the design.

The art still looks great. This day I actually took in three commissions on this opening day of Comicpalooza. This cover was drawn up at midnight and completed just after 1:00 am. I was so tired the next day… but the adrenaline I receive from my appearances is insane. The day AFTER my show appearances are so rough… lol…… It takes me a week to recoup.

My next show is Comicpalooza. If you are going, email me and get your commission ordered.

– Davy


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