Sketch Cover Art – Day 8

Charmy as Tony Stark

03 Infamous Iron Man - No 1 - 001 - FINAL loresThis is AWESOME!!! Charmy as Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark. I nailed this one!!!! I also added a touch of blue to pop the cover a bit.

This cover was made to increase my inventory at Comicpalooza and Alamo City Comic Con this May. So, yes, it is for sale!

It is amazing how much ink I lay down doing these covers. I bet I have 7 or 8 bucks in ink on this baby with all the blending and all the coverage. Add in the $5 for the cover and I make very little money on this… but the hard work is not about making money. If so I would have quit a long time ago, lol. No, this is all about getting and maintaining readers.

For more cover art, browse through this month’s blog archives!

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