Sketch Cover Art – Day 9

Frenchy as Warrior Wench Wendy!

03-pink-panther-no-1-001-final-facebookThis is the first sketch cover appearance of Frenchy as Warrior Wench Wendy. I gave this one away at Oni Con. This was a donation to the show for their big drawing for the show volunteers. The volunteer who won this stopped by my table and she was so thrilled! Made me feel so happy, especially since I did so poorly at the show.

The technique with the markers looks cool. Truth be told, the paper stock was terrible. The marker gummed up. You had one shot to lay down ink. You could not blend the markers. The effect you see looks cool, but it is there due to the limitations of the paper stock.

On the other hand, inking was smooth. My pens took to the paper like ketchup to french fries. Why does all of my analogies refer to food?

 Wanna see more?

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