Sketch Cover Art – Day 10

Charmy as a Walker

03-the-walking-dead-no-150-001-final-websiteI love The Walking Dead. I am a follower of both the comic book and the television show. I grabbed up a bunch of these blanks thinking I would draw them all up and sell these drawings as soon as they land on the shelf. Guess what? This cover sold minutes after I put it out. I was correct!!!!

So why have I not drawn any more of these covers? Because the paper quality stinks. This was the worse surface I ever drew on. The pens bleed and the markers gummed up. Once again, the cover came out awesome, but the work involved was totally insane.

The trick to the covers when the ink bleeds is to use a very small tip. I use an XS Faber Castell. You have to draw the line thickness out and create the look you see in this sample image. It takes a long time.

It looks great though, but until a commission pops up, I am not touching these covers.


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