Charmy’s Army – Weekly Comic Strip

03MARCH2017_CHARMY - WEEK 11 - 0312-0318 - WEB


It is only the 12th day of March and we have already had more views than last month!!! Much more in fact. If everything holds up, our page will have more readers in the month of March than we had for the months of January and February combined!!!

I am sure we are seeing this success because of all the posting we are doing on the blog. I am posting a sketch cover every day. Most of my readers are dropping in from Reddit. I still do not understand that site, but What I do know about Reddit is that is will bring in readers like crazy!


This weeks marks my FIRST ANNIVERSARY with The Weekly Bulletin in Brazoria County! Charmy’s Army has been running loud and proud right next to Broom Hilda … and standing toe to toe with this American classic. The paper is published weekly and covers 11 cities.

Of course one paper is by no means a success story. I need a few hundred newspapers to say I am successful. I had one other paper wanting to run me, but I think the deal fell through unfortunately. This really has me bummed out. I cannot get my inquiries returned so I have officially given up on this latest opportunity. I won’t, however, give up on my dream. I know my success story is within reach. I just need a syndicate to believe in me.

– Davy


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