Sketch Cover Art – Day 13

Charmy as Star Trek’s Evil Villian Khan

02 - Star Trek Khan No 2 - 001 - FINAL-FACEBOOKHere is another cool sketch cover that I just completed. Here is Charmy from my comic strip as the evil Khan from Star Trek. Charmy does a great impression here. I wanted to work more with the Copic markers to age him a bit but the paper stock was terrible and blotched up when you tried to blend too much.

Also, today, March 13th, is my birthday!!!! Happy birthday to me!!!! How am I celebrating? JURY DUTY!!!! Yep. I do not go in until 11:00 so I plan on leaving for Galveston around 6:30 am so I can have breakfast at one of those yuppie cafes.

Hopefully I won’t get locked away on a month-long trial. I just want to pop in, do my duty by appearing and be done for the week. I have way too much going on at work to miss too much time.

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