Sketch Cover Art – Day 14

Charmy as The Dork Knight
with the REBURP Superman and Wonder Woman

batman-superman-no-1-001-final-websiteWhat do you mean? You have never heard of REBURP? Well, you soon will. REBURP is my epic parody series I created as a parody of the DC Universe.

OC PuniVerse – REBURP is my twisted vision of the DC universe… in ANT form.

In MY adaptation, the stories are a little different. Small changes in people’s decisions affected this alternate universe and created a unique paradox. In other words, please forget everything you know about the world’s mightiest heroes.

Next month we will explore a selection of my characters with a brief outline of their backstory. How different? Well, in my universe, Johnathan Kent died in a car crash two years prior to Kal-El’s arrival. Martha did discover the baby, but she was newly married to her new husband who was named, coincidentally enough, Clark. Clark was a drunk and a politically incorrect southerner… to say it mildly. This “father-figure” molded a totally different and potentially more dangerous, version of Superman. I will have more on this next month!

Why am I doing this parody? I want to pitch this to DC Comics as an ongoing series entitled REBURP. Each issue would focus on one or two characters… and hopefully have a laugh or two along the way.


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