Sketch Cover Art – Day 15

Charmy as The Dork Knight

02 Dark Knight III - no 1 - 002 FINAL - FACEBOOKHere is my vision of the Dark Knight as it exists in my puniverse of army ants! I love the red eyes on Superman. So evil. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Superman is much darker in my world, a world I refer to as REBURP.

Next month I will spotlight a variety of superheroes I created for my twisted superhero universe which includes Charmy from my comic strip as Batman. I will have more details for my readers next month, but I will tell you that Bruce Wayne was Batman for a short period of time before he suffered a major injury and inducted the aid of war hero Charmen Packy.

My comic strip, Charmy’s Army, spans 4 years…. that is all. The strip will run forever, but the length of the actual concept is a duration of three years. The entire REBURP takes place just prior to the end of my strip’s timeline.

Again, I will have more details next month on MY version of Batman.

Stay TOON’ed!

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