Sketch Cover Art – Day 16

Weaver, Charmy, Flimp and Frenchy as Wolverine

Wolverines - no 1 - 001 - FINAL - FACEBOOK.jpgWell, we are half way finished with our daily glimpse into my archive of original sketch cover art. Today is an amazing sketch cover that will NOT sell! CRAZY!!!!!

This one has been at every comic con I have attended and is one of two sketch covers from my original set that has not sold. I am scratching my head because this sketch cover is one of the best I ever drew.

My theory is that the red box on the bottom looks so bad that no one wants it in their collection. I have a few covers that have this red box but I have yet to draw up any art on them. What was Marvel thinking?!?

This is the first cover to feature all four of my main cast of characters from my comic strip,  Charmy’s Army.

Hopefully the Logan movie will help this one sell at Comicpalooza.

Like and Share to help my dream come true! I will be a real cartoonist one day…. one day SOON!

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