Sketch Cover Art – Day 17

Charmy as The Joker… Romero Style!!!!

03 - Batman 66 No 23 - 001 - FINAL-FACEBOOKHappy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I hope you wore green. In honor of this awesome holiday, I present Charmy as The Joker. This one is a new cover I whipped up last week. I bet it sells quickly at Comicpalooza.

I love the old Batman tv show and, to me, Cesar Romero was the ultimate villain from that show. Crazy thing is, when I was a kid, I thought Cesar Romero’s accent was Irish. I only knew his work from behind a white coat of clown makeup. I could not see his skin color wasn’t a pale white as it appears with the face paint. I knew that Chief O’Hara was Irish and I swear his accent sounded just like Romero’s.

Again, I was a little kid. All accents sounded Irish to me.

#comics #batman #joker #batman66


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