Sketch Cover Art – Day 18

Frenchy as Star Trek’s Jaylah

03 Star Trek - Go Boldly - No 1 - 001 FINAL-FACEBOOKHere is Frenchy as that new awesome Star Trek character Jaylah. In my opinion, Jaylah stole the show. When the fourth installment of this new series emerges, I hope Jaylah is a major player in the film. Like Frenchy, Jaylah has an attitude and personality as intense as her beauty!

This sketch cover had an ad printed on the back side. I HATE THAT!!!

Here is how I do my sketch covers!

My process is… step 1: scan the cover and print out a copy at full size. Step 2: sketch out and do an amazing pencil drawing on the copy. Step 3: get out my light table and ink the cover.

NOTE: The pencil sketch is only used once. I never ink two of the same sketch. All art is one of a kind. My reason for doing the art in this manner is so that I do not weaken the surface from all the erasing I do, That messes up the texture that the Copic markers need to do their blending,

All of my sketch covers are inked and markered. It is my style. All markers use gray tones to reflect the newspaper art I will one day be famous for. I refuse to do anything simple.

I honestly believe the quick sketches are a rip off. I could do a ton of those in a day, but you would be getting cookie cutter art. Artists that do this are knocking out the same sketch over and over again. I charge more for my art of course, but again, you get something more personal.

Tomorrow, we will look at a color cover I did using prisma colors. It will be on sale at Comicpalooza and may be one of only a handful of color covers I will ever do. They just do not pop like the black and white covers.

Commissions are open Just email meat

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