Sketch Cover Art – Day 19

Charmy as Deadpool
03 - Deadpool TMFM - No 1 - 001 FINAL-FACEBOOK

Here is my first full color sketch cover. I produced this using Prisma colors. It came out great, but I am in love with the black and white cover art. This may be the only color cover I ever do… unless someone twists my arm of course.

I love using Prisma colors. The trick is texturing and layering multiple colors. The reds you see here have a little blue undertones. This makes the dark shading pop better than if you use black. The black has a light, baby blue on the outer coating, again to pop the black. This helps the dark areas not look too flat.

All in all, I am very happy with this, but I with I did this straight up black and white.

Now, if this baby flies off the shelf at Comicpalooza, I may completely change my mind about doing these in color.

Money changes my mind QUITE often.


#comics #sketchcover #deadpool #charmysarmy


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