Sketch Cover Art – Day 20

Charmy and Frenchy as Batman and Robin

03 Batman TMNTurtles Adventures No 1 - 001 - FINAL-FACEBOOKI hated this cover stock!!! Add to that the fact IDW printed an ad on the back side and I am regretting purchasing the half dozen covers. I do not believe IDW understands what artists need to produce art on their sketch covers.

Inking is easy and smooth. If you are just gonna do a simple inked drawing, you will be happy with this paper’s surface. I have said many times though that I am not a fan of “quick sketch” art on sketch covers. I would never do a “quick sketch” on a cover.

If anyone has this sketch cover, I do not recommend Prisma Colors pencils or colored markers. Black and White markers work okay because you get one shot at lating color down and then the markers gum up. You cannot blend the markers. When I do color markers, I blend layers of colors. If not, the piece looks cheap. I do not do cheap.

The turtles came out pretty good too. This is only the second time I ever drew the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are a lot of fun to draw!!!! Now, let’s see if this baby sells in May at either of my shows.

#Comics #SketchCover #TMNT #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #CharmysArmy


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