Weekly Comic Strip – March 19, 2017

03MARCH2017_CHARMY - WEEK 12 - 0319-0325 - WEB

Here is this week’s comic strip!

Nothing major to report. I have been sick since Friday so I did not get much accomplished. I drove myself to Galveston so I could get a Sketch Cover Commission to a reader. I probably should not have done that but deadlines are deadlines. I also took a trip to the post office to drop off another commission.

Feeling bad enough today that I cancelled my birthday lunch with my parents. Glad I was able to get those sketch covers delivered yesterday. Now, today, I am just tired. I am actually too tired to draw. That is pretty tired! I am the guy who stays up all weekend drawing sketch covers at night during my comic con appearances. By the way, I am not doing that anymore. If people want commissions, they will get them mailed if they wait until they meet me at a show. I am getting too old for these all-nighters… plus I cannot enjoy the shows because I am so tired.

I am looking forward to my show appearances which begin in May. I hope to see you all!!!!!!

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