Sketch Cover Art – Day 21

Charmys as Darth VaderDarth Vader Annual - no 1 - 001 FINAL - FACEBOOK

What a blast! I was never good at drawing Darth Vader for whatever reason…. but then I tried drawing Charmy as Darth Vader. Like magic, or the force, I was able to capture this classic icon’s appearance.

I need to do more of these Star Wars covers. They sell quickly. Unfortunately, I only have a few Star Wars sketch cover variants. I would love to draw a bunch up for my upcoming appearances, but I don’t want to waste them all in case readers want to commission a Star Wars parody work of art.


Only 10 days left this month and my “Sketch Cover A Day” will end. I hope everyone is enjoying this! You really must because my statistics are through the roof. I have accrued my visitors this month only than I have in the past 6 MONTHS COMBINED!!!!!

Yes, you have all set a record for monthly views that I may never reach again…. well until next year when we do this AGAIN!!!!! Hopefully by next March, I will have TONS of new sketch covers to showcase. It will all depend on how these babies sell at my 4 upcoming appearances.

#comics #sketchcovers #starwars #darthvader


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