Sketch Cover Art – Day 22

Frenchy as Pebbles Flintstone03 - Hanna Barbara - The Flintstones - No 1 - 001 -FINAL - FACEBOOK

So I tried selling my art and promoting myself at Oni Con Galveston last year. I figured this would be a perfect pairing. The crowd here are all into pop cult and cartoons. I did a few cartoon related covers hoping they would fly off the shelf.

No one’s merchandise was moving, much alone flying off any shelves. The show was a nightmare. The attendance was great. The Galveston Convention Center was packed to the rim with high school kids with no money. I talked with the other artists to hear that no one made back their tables. I came within $50 of getting my $285 investment back.

I would love to try the show again because I love Galveston Island. I just cannot afford that big of an investment with such a high risk.

Granted, I did have one vendor say they have done this show for the past ten years and this was the only year she did not make a lot of money. I have come to the conclusion that everyone in artist’s alley stretches the truth to suit their reputation. I will be honest with everyone… I rarely make table but I love meeting people and spreading a positive comic con experience.

So what do you think about Fred and Barney? I have never drawn them before. Same goes for Bam Bam… never even thought I would ever draw him! This was a lot of fun. I bet it sales at one of my shows.

#comics #flintstones #sketchcovers #CharmysArmy


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