Sketch Cover Art – Day 23

Frenchy as Batgirl

I wish I could grab up a dozen more of these blankBatgirl no 38 - 001 FINAL - FACEBOOK
variants! Frenchy makes an amazing Batgirl!!! I could see her battling Clayface or Joker on one of them.

Well, as luck would have it, I found 9 blank Batwoman blank variants last week! That is not quite the same thing as Batgirl blanks, but they will do for now. I plan on working up two of the Batwoman blanks before Comicpalooza.

Tonight, I am assembling my Comic Con portfolio so attendees can see my work and be enticed into getting an original art commission from me. I had no idea how many covers I have created since I began doing these only a year ago!

I will be shooting a video of my portfolio early next month. Stay TOON’ed for the post!!!!

#comics #batgirl #sketchcovers #charmysarmy


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