Sketch Cover Art – Day 25

Stan Lee doing a Scrooge McDuck ImpresScrooge McDuck - no 1 - 001 FACEBOOKsion

I rarely do sketch covers that do not feature one of my characters, but money is money.Here is Stan Lee doing an impression of Scrooge McDuck as he dives into his treasure.

This is another cover that I did overnight. After the last week of feeling  my age, I have made the tough decision to no longer offer next day service at comic cons. For two weeks straight I have not been able to draw a dang thing. My mind and body are paying the price for working so terribly hard as I prep for these shows.

I am not gonna reach my goals for these shows.

Whatever I have ready will be all I have to sell. I don’t like feeling so tired and icky.

I will be taking commissions before the shows. I will also still take commissions at the shows with delivery by mail.

Now, time for a walk. Gotta start taking my health seriously again. LATER!

#comics #stanlee #sketchcovers


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