Sketch Cover Art – Day 26

Charmy as The Undertaker03 - WWE No 1 - 001 - FINAL - FACEBOOK

This is no secret. I love professional wrestling. I have been watching different promotions regularly since I was three years old. There was a ten year break in the 90’s where I stopped watching, but my love and passion was turned back on by my day job.

I sent 15 years as a designer in the toy industry. The first toy company I worked for received a license for musical toys and novelties from the WWF. Yes, they were still the Federation at this time. Because of this, we all had to research the brand. I had no issue with that!

I fell back in love with the product and watched the attitude era explode. I got to meet a ton of wrestlers as well. We even received ring side seats when the company came to town with their RAW television show. I stat directly in front of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons at one show.

Here is Charmy as WWE’s The Undertaker, the greatest presence ever in professional wrestling. I have one more wrestling cover in progress with The Undertaker and Paige. This is a commission piece that I need to get busy on. Once I kick whatever is ailing me, I will get all over it.

Do I miss the toy industry? Heck no! I worked 60 hours a week and had no time for my dream to become a syndicated cartoonist. That is the passion I have NEVER lost… not even for a minute.

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