Sketch Cover Art – Day 27

Frenchy as Batgirl and the Camp N03 Harley Quinn Suicide Squad - April Fools Special - No 1 - 001 - FINAL-FACEBOOKurse as Harley Quinn

Here is yet another sketch cover where I was commissioned to create art for overnight at one of my appearances. It came out great and was a lot of fun. I came up with the gag and the person wanting the commission loved the idea… so a dirty gag was born.

I always keep my strip family friendly, but I was in a silly mood… and boys will be boys.

This is the Camp Nurse’s first sketch cover appearance so I had to make her Harley Quinn. I had actually created a name for her and I cannot remember it to save my life. I thought it appeared in one of my strips, but I do not seem to be able to find any reference to her name anywhere.

This piece is Frenchy’s second sketch cover appearance as Batgirl. Frenchy makes a great Batgirl so I am sure we will be seeing her again and again in this outfit.

I have two short boxes full of blanks right now. Pretty impressive, right? I am ready to tackle a ton of commissions. Hopefully, by next March, I will have 31 new covers to showcase here. I hope everyone has enjoyed my art this month. My website stats are through the roof!

If you are interested in owning an original, one of a kind commission, contact me at

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