Sketch Cover Art – Day 28

Charmy as The Flash

I drew up this sketch cover of Charmy as Flash WAY bFlash - no 39 - 001 - FINAL - FACEBOOKack when. It was the second or third cover I ever drew up. I thought that a Charmy Flash would sell.

I think part of the issue is that is is a bit plain. This Flash has no “flash”. I need to have several cheap cover art to sell at every show. This goes for $40. I sell busts like candy at this price… but not this guy for whatever reason.

I have one more blank Flash cover. Even though I have not been able to move this one in over a year, I have a great idea for a sketch cover with Flash and Supergirl. May work it up for my second leg of my Texas tour later this Summer.

I am less than two months away from my first show. I am so not ready. As a matter of fact, I really do not think I am going to have the showing I wanted. What I have ready will be what I will go with. The reason for these shows is not to make money, but to spread the news that my comic strip is out there so people can find it and follow it.

If you are at Comicpalooza or Alamo City Comic Con in May, look me up!

#comics #charmysarmy #TheFlash #sketchcovers


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