Sketch Cover Art – Day 29

Charmy as the Dork Knight along with MY 03 Super Powers - No 1 - 001 FINAL-FACEBOOKReburp heroes!

Here is a sketch cover featuring my original versions of DC’s Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Suerrman and the Martian Manhunter. The cover also features Charmy as Batman because in my Reburp universe, Charmy takes the role of Batman from Bruce Wayne after Bane breaks Bruce’s back.

Next month I will feature some inside looks at a few of my Reburp characters. I basically take the DC universe and tear it to spreads… and then try and tape it back together with all the pieces in the wrong spot.

The result is something you cannot recognize.

Some stories do not change that much. Most take a few insane twists… while others are completely different and history altering. Just wait until you see the changes in Superman. This is not the hero kids look up to.  He is a big jerk. Why? Just wait!

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– Davy

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