Sketch Cover Art – Day 30

Frenchy as Supergirl03 - RB - Supergirl - No 1 - 002 - FINAL - FACEBOOK

The month is quickly winding down and I am saving the best two covers for last. Here is Frenchy as one heck of a cute Supergirl!

Frenchy French can pull off any pop culture character you can think of. She is the best character I ever created. To think she wasn’t brought into my strip for six months. Those early strips were so terrible.

The markers in the hair look stunning… if I do say so myself. I am really loving my Copics markers. I am going to make a video on my process soon. I want to share my technique. I do things much differently than other artists.

I will be also be doing a video in a few months demonstrating how I create my comic strips. Again, I do everything so differently.

If you want to have a sketch cover created for your collection, email me. My rates are pretty cheap. Email fugcheese and mention promo code MARCHINGORDERS17 and get FREE SHIPPING (Offer expires April 12).

– Davy

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