Sketch Cover Art – Day 31

Frenchy as ThorThe Mighty Thor - no 1 - 001 - FINAL - FACEBOOK

Here it is! This is THE best sketch cover I ever created. This is also one of my first covers ever. I still remember drawing and markering this one. It took forever because I was afraid I would screw this up. Back then, I had a hard time finding sketch covers. Screwing one up would mean not having inventory.

Knock on wood, I have never screwed a sketch cover up yet. Also, I have been lucky finding blanks. I have a huge backstock of blank variants. I should not run out anytime soon.

This will do it for my 31 days of sketch cover art. I hope you enjoyed a tour of my original sketch cover art starring the characters from my comic strip Charmy’s Army.

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If I get 100 followers by August, I will randomly select a follower for a FREE SKETCH COVER!!! Yes…. FREE!!!! I will do a basic bust with copics. That is a $40 value with free shipping. That makes it a $50 value!!!!! Of course, 100 followers will be a challenge… but we will get there.

#comics #sketchcovers #charmysarmy #Thor



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