Charmy’s Army – April 3, 2017

04APRIL2017_CHARMY - WEEK 14 - 0402-0408 - WEB - OKRA

So I am sitting at a local restaurant writing and the girl at the table next to me is loudly talking ninety miles an hour on her cell phone. Do I find this annoying? NO! I find inspiration… which created today’s comic strip.

As a writer, you should pull everything in that is going on around you. Find good in everything because all troubling subject matter and annoying situations can be made funny. You just have to keep it family friendly. I have a great issue with humorists who think the only way they can get a laugh is to be lewd and crude.

Comicpalooza is weeks away and I am not feeling it. I was under the weather for a few weeks so I have no new material made. I hope I have enough merchandise to look good. I am thinking about making buttons. That could help me bring in increased sales. Gotta order that button maker today. I hope all this marketing pays off! You know what the ultimate goal is….


Easier said than done. Talking of course isn’t what gets ANYTHING done. Work hard everyone and your dreams will come true…. if not, you will have a super satisfying ride.

– Davy

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