Charmy’s Army – April 10, 2017

04APRIL2017_CHARMY - WEEK 15 - 0409-0415 - WEB - OKRA


So I added a few space aliens to my strip. This is actually a teaser for a graphic novel I am working on called Plan ANT Nine. Charmy will travel across the galaxy, reluctantly, and save the universe. Dang…. now you know the entire story. Just lost another sale. Dang it.

This is just one of many projects that I want to work on if I can ever get the time. If I ever get syndicated and can work on this as a real job for forty hours per week, I would be rolling material out for my readers. Unfortunately, I must put my full efforts into my paying job… A job that I must admit that I really love. I am so Blessed.

If my next four shows do not yield a great profit, I may end up dropping my road shows. This year will be a do or die year for that. I either do very well and expand to at least one show out of Texas, or I break even and weigh my future. I broke even last year, so this year IO must do better. If not, the hard work is not worth the effort.

Time will tell.

So what am I doing differently at my shows this year? BUTTONS!!! I just purchased a button making machine and now I am working like a mad man on button designs. I need at least 25 good buttons. This is going slower than I would like. I hope to have a few designs to show everyone soon. Buttons will be $1 each and will become a reward for my Patreon supporters.




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