Charmy’s Army – May 1, 2017

05MAY2017_CHARMY - WEEK 18 - 0430-0506 - WEB OKRA.jpg

Coffee is awesome. Java’s great. Drink it in the morning. Drink it when it’s late.

I personally cannot drink coffee after one o’clock in the afternoon. When I do, I am up until 2 or 3 am. Today, I had a cup around two in the afternoon. I will be up all night now.

That is not a bad thing though. Comicpalooza is DAYS away. I am so far behind on my merchandising goals. I need a dozen more sketch covers. I will not have time to do any more covers. I need at least 24 sketch cards. I do plan on getting these done. I have four cards sold already… I just have to finish them.

That said, I am cutting this blog short. I need to get my strips completed for June. Deadline is Friday. Busy busy busy b-u-s-y……

#comics #comicstrips



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