Charmy’s Army – May 14th

05MAY2017_CHARMY - WEEK 20 - 0514-0520 - WEB OKRA

Introducing Zana! For those familiar with my previous comic strip, Just Say Cheese, Zana was the name of Fug Cheese’s love interest. I really love this name… so I am using it again. This time, Zana is the name of Warrior Wench Wendy’s sidekick.

We may not see much of Zana in the comic strip, but she will be a HUGE player in the upcoming Warrior Wench Wendy comic book. Once my next comic con is over in a few weeks, I am going to work super hard preparing my first comic book. I will print only 25 as a test for my upcoming appearance at Staple! in Austin, Texas. I may print more if I can get some pre-orders.

Speaking of comic cons, I just finished one heck of a weekend at Comicpalooza here in Houston. The crowd seemed smaller but the support from my readers and friends was amazing. Comicpalooza was my most profitable show yet. All funds from this appearance goes right back into the dream. I made enough to pay off my table and to pay off the button maker. After that, the weekend was a break even show…. which is awesome. I am not greedy. I am so happy that I am no longer losing money at these shows. That is a huge accomplishment.

You must remember, the attendees at comic cons are looking for Batman or Deadpool or Harley Quin prints and art. They are not there looking for the work of unknown artists showcasing characters no one knows. It is so sad and so very true. I j=have had to work hard growing my fan base. Together with a little Faith in the man upstairs, my dream is slowly getting a strong support system developing at my local comic cons. Hard work does indeed pay off.

Time for bed. this weekend was so draining… and so well worth it. I made so many memories once again at yet another Comicpalooza.

#comics #comicpalooza #AlamoCityComicCon #CharmysArmy


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