Charmy’s Army – May 22, 2017

05MAY2017_CHARMY - WEEK 22 - 0528-0603 - WEB OKRA

It is almost time for my first ever appearance at Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio. I am so excited. I love that city. Unfortunately, I am flying solo so I will probably just stay in my hotel when I am not at the show.

The first day, I plan on at least getting out to see the Alamo for the millionth time. I love Texas history so this place amazes me. I plan on spending a few hours in there reading every little placard and soaking in the history. You can feel the ghost of Davy Crockett walking that place. He is probably super proud of this grand state he fought so bravely for. I know that I am very proud of my home state.

I hope to meet some current readers and make a few new readers during the show over Memorial Day Weekend. Most importantly, I cannot wait to meet Guy Gilchrist, the current cartoonist at the helm of Nancy and Sluggo. This man is amazing and so talented. I know he will take one look at my work and probably roll his eyes. I feel like I am never going to be in the same league as any of these great cartoonists I so desperately seek the company of. I hope to meet Guy, if even for two minutes, just so I can say hello and pass along one of my cards. If I get any more time than that with him, I will be so thrilled.

Hope to see you all at Alamo City Comic Con! Be sure and check me and Guy out and support the art of classic comic strip cartooning.

– Davy Jones

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