Charmy’s Army – May 29th 2017

05MAY2017_CHARMY - WEEK 21 - 0521-0527 - WEB.jpg

Well, I am still trying to unwind from an amazing weekend in San Antonio where I promoted mu comic strip Charmy’s Army the entire weekend at Alamo City Comic Con. This was the best show I have ever been a part of. The crowd was amazing and showed me so much love. The staff and volunteers were superb. Meeting Guy Gilchrist and finding out he has been reading my strip was the ultimate highlight.

I will have a full review later in the week.

In the meantime, I just wish to thank everyone for their support of my dream. I want to be a syndicated cartoonist so badly. I am investing more than just my time into this passion of mine and I really appreciate the love and appreciation you all show me as I run ninety miles per hour into the blazing sun.

We will make it. I know I am just ever so close!!!!

– Davy

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